David and Goliath have time-shifted their battle to the modern-day mortgage market. New data from Comparator, a CoreLogic business, shows that in the June 2018 quarter, brokers settled 53.9% of all new home loans — the strongest June quarter ever recorded. Last year it was 51.5%. So why are the corporate giants losing their grip?
With the news coming out of the Royal Commission, Aussies are really thinking about the best way to get help with their finances. More people are using brokers — genuine people who guide you to the most suitable and competitive loan for you.
Secondly, a Loan Market broker works for you, not a bank. We’re not owned thousands of shareholders. (You’d be surprised how many broker groups are quietly owned by the banks! We’re not!) We’re a home-grown Australian company, still proudly 100% family owned and operated. But we do have a huge panel of over 35 lenders ranging from smaller groups to the Big 4 — all in one place. 
Finally, my business relies on positive referrals, so I’m motivated by your best interests. And people are catching on. Get in touch, with the confidence that I work only for you.
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