Could this sentence have come out of your mouth?

If this answer is a truthful statement as to why you keep returning to your bank loan after loan, it might be the perfect time to consider what other options are available.

But be warned – after weighing up the pros and cons, you might be facing a financial specialist break-up.

You may have to explain that it’s you…not them.

After all, the most important thing when being in consultation with a broker is that your financial needs are reaping the maximum benefit. 

Be competitive as a borrower – not complacent 

It’s not uncommon to stick with a particular financial specialist simply because you’ve never considered that you can change brokers to one that’s more competitive.

Borrowers should take the time to consider that the best broker is one that’s wholly invested in making sure you receive the best possible outcome – not one that’s a familiar face or who has helped you once upon a time.

Before you take out your next loan, evaluate whether your broker is comfortable with your cliental or whether they’re actively exhausting all avenues to identify the best loan choice for your needs.

Consider your relationship with your existing broker. Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel appreciated as a client?
  • Am I confident that my bank is relentless in finding me the best deal?
  • How does my bank recognise my loyalty?
  • Can I list recent examples where my bank has benefited me?
  • Are my bank’s values evident and do they align with my own?

If some of these questions aren’t easy to answer, now is the time to move onto a better broker. 

What sets Together Financial Services apart

Try something new and put Together Financial Services to the test for your next loan.

Together’s finance and mortgage brokers are known for an industry prowess that delivers tailored loan solutions. Our wealth of experience and finance networks mean we are unrivalled in our ability to identify one-of-a-kind loans to perfectly fit the needs of an individual or family.

In addition to presenting you with the most competitive loan options, you’ll always experience a personal and authentic experience with our brokers.

Keep in mind that when you engage Together Financial Services, you’ll also be making your next loan a life-changing one.

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