There’s a lot going on in the mortgage market right now – property auction clearance rates in our capital cities are tracking in the low 40% and credit lending has tightened. One thing is clear – you have options and I am here as your sounding board. 
At this time of year, when bills start rolling in and the present list gets longer, it pays to make sure you mortgage is working hard for you. Have you heard of repricing?  I can look at your loan and lender and see if there is a more competitive rate they can offer you. It’s usually quicker to switch products within the same bank, than refinance with another lender (especially in this market) as they already have all of your details and credit history.  
My job is to work with you to help you get the money you need for your next property or goal. For newbies looking to get a loan, I can look at the lending criteria of over 35 banks and lenders and let you know which ones may be more suited to you. Sometimes it may be a smaller lender outside the big four that you may not have found on your own. 
Put me to work! I’ll give you the Christmas present you need!

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